Sekki / Paper Knife

Manufacturer: +d

Stone tool which is one of the origin of the tool created by the wisdom of the predecessors.
Once we blended it into the modern life, it became a paper knife.

Why do not you try to open an envelope that arrives while trying to remember the primitive era?

I was fascinated by the beauty of the stone tools using crushed volcanic glass for various purposes and designed it thinking it would be funny if it blended into the modern life.
I pursued the beauty that combines both the fortuity born from crushing the stones and the functionality processed as a tool.

Designed by Hiroki Yasuda

Approx. W 118 × 40 × H 13 mm
Weight: Approx. 35 g
Package Size: W 137 × D 16 × H 62 mm
Weight(including package): Approx. 50 g
Materials: PBT


Suitable for Interior, Office, Stationary, Gift