Tape + Tape

Manufacturer: +d

One single razor for two tapes.
An integrated use for frequently used tapes like scotch tapes and masking tapes. The shape is perfectly designed for smooth tape-cutting.

Differing from the huge variety of tapes on desk, the design aims to be compact and refreshing. As users constantly touch the item, it is without visible threats of any razors but with a pleasant, soft impression.

Designed by Koji Uno

Country of Origin: Japan
Size: W 79 × 26 × H 64 mm
Weight: Approx. 25g

Package Size: W 100 × D 23 × H 120 mm
Weight(including package): Approx.35g
Material: ABS

*For tapes width 18mm or below, inner radius 25mm or above, external radius 48mm or above.

Suitable for Office, Stationary