Manufacturer: +d

Sparkling out of a surprise. A bottle stopper for overflowing fizz and keeping drinks and tasty. It may pop when using with sparkling wine, don’t shoot a rocket.

The shape is made for long-lasting temptation as much as the wonderful drinking experience of the great taste. It is your perfect partner in party.

Designed by Taku Omura

Country of Origin: Japan
Size: W 38 × 31 × H 35mm
Weight: Approx. 18g
Recommended bottle caliber size / Φ18-20mm
Package Size: W98×D32×H125mm
Weight(including package): Approx.27g
Material: Elastomer

Soda Blue/DA-1190-BL/4580122326579
Rose Pink/DA-1190-PK/4580122326586
Champagne White/DA-1190-WH/4580122326593

Suitable for Interior, Kitchen, Gift
Item number DA-1190