Platawa for Bottle is a brush for your portable mug bottle. The brush bends flexibly when you put the head into the bottle. It easily fits the bottom and cleans your bottle thoroughly. The uniquely shaped thin bristles are soft yet durable and provide scratch-free cleaning. You can use it for water pitchers as well.


S Hook is convenient for hanging cleaning and other products in your bathroom.
The flexible head of the hook securely attaches to any rod so you can hang and take off the product smoothly.


Putting powdery conditioned charcoal and diatomaceous earth, first one with its strong deodorizing power and second one with its high moisture absorption functionality, into a nonwoven fabric, furthermore a bleached out cloth bag, you get a dehumidifier which deodorize your shoes.

Gumhook is a soft hook made of silicon that is kind to people and the things they hang on it.
Designer: Gaku Otomo

Convenient for hanging, cleaning and other products in your bathroom.


Please put a tea candle light in the middle of the part at the bottom of the aroma pot, then place the main part above it and in the end place the small plate on top of the main part. By putting some aroma oil or essence on the plate at the top of the aroma pot, the diatomaceous earth will absorb the fluid instantly and due to the heat of the candle positioned below you can enjoy the aroma immediately.


Designed by Aya Sunaguchi


Squeegee mini is useful for removing water drops from the narrow spaces in your bathroom and washroom.


Food containers made of diatomaceous earth are effective for storing seasonings or food since diatomaceous earth has a high desiccating effect. There are two type of containers: one type is completely made of diatomaceous earth, which in the other type, only the lid is made of diatemaceous earth and the body is made of glass.

Imagine a stopdoor looking like a painting tube.
This fun little tube-shaped doorstop, though small, holds doors firmly in place.
Designer: Tetsuo Shibuya

Drying blocks made of diatomaceous earth are put into small containers or bags and use as desiccants.

Each petal of the flower peels off to make a note tag. Each time you peel and post a petal you are sure to feel soothed!
Designer:Natsuko Kurosawa

A pump that allows you to seal your wine in a vacuum state by removing air with a simple up and down pump action.