The skin of banana thrown away by somebody has found new job. It was to fix and opened door firmly.
Designer: Takashi Ohba

Mammal Puppet by MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.


Plantable is a pot tray with casters (wheels) which is convenient to move your potted plants easily.


Dispenser trays made of diatomaceous earth and gravel are treated with a sakan washout finish. Setting dispensers for hand soap and lotion on the tray keeps the washbasin neat and tidy.


For the people who have such troubles recently that forgetting a smile, feeling stress, and tending pacs by someone!
Designer: Makiko Yoshida

BabyColor is a set of alternative crayons perfect for young children who are yet to learn a pencil hold.


Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly.


Our toothbrush stands are made entirely of diatomaceous earth and are treated with a sakan washout finish.


A cloud in your own apartment. light your own personal sky.


Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc. with one hand.

It is a fun tissue dispenser that looks like a smoking volcano.
Designer: Nendo

Designed by A.Sunaguchi with h concept

If you use it after taking bath, you can easily keep the bathroom dry and prevent water stains and mildew. Squeegee is useful for removing water drops from your bathroom wall and mirror. It's designed to hang on your towel bar or tap so that it takes up little space when not in use.