Tetra crayon

Manufacturer: +d

Crayons like a blocks stacking every time during the flapping. It can easily fit the hand of the person who uses no matter if it is kid or adult and does not roll massively when not in use. Even if you put them in a line when drawing, even if you decorate them as objects. The color does not stick to your hands and is safe material.

In fact I have had children use it aiming the shape that can easily fit the children with different hand sizes to adults. You can draw lines at the same time with two legs or draw a circle.
Try to find various ways to use.

Designed by Mirai Tamura

Tetracrayon (6 pieces)
Size: Approx.W48 × 43 × H40 mm
Weight: Approx. 20 g
Package Size: Φ50 × H16 mm
Weight(including package) : Approx.135 g
Materials: Pigment, Polyethylene, Calcium Carbonate, Liquid Paraffin, Paraffin Wax

Cool    DA-1160-CL / 4580122326975
Warm    DA-1160-WM / 4580122326999
Mono    DA-1160-MN / 4580122326982

Suitable for Office, Stationary, Gift