Kaba Crayon

Manufacturer: +d
Their colors don't rub of onto your hands easily, so they can even be used as interior decoration. Cherish your time with hippos, which are currently in danger of extinction.
You can use these hippo crayons to draw, of course, then let the hippos swim and play freely in the world you've created with them. Hippos are poached for their tusks and meat and are now in danger of extinction. I hope these crayons will help people come to like hippos and take an interest in their plight.
Designer: Ryo Shimura
item no: D-750
Size: W 26 mm x D 57 mm x H 13 mm
Weight: Approx.12g each
Package Size: W 170 mm × D 62 mm × H 17 mm
Weight (including package) : Approx.85g
Materials: Pigment, Polyethylene, Calcium carbonate, Liquid paraffin, Paraffin wax
type: D-750-B/4580122327507 Basic 6ps set / D-750-G/4580122327514 Gradation 6pc set
Earth +d products. This is a message from the earth. Small changes are occurring all around us. Many plants and animals that we have grown to love are now facing the possibility of extinction. Is there anything that we can do? First people have to notice the problem. Then they can take action. We are the ones who must care for our planet. A portion of sales will be used for environmental preservation efforts.
Suitable for Kids, Office, Stationary, Gift