Room Door Hook

Manufacturer: Other

You can use this hook to store items such as the hat or jacket that you use every day. It has enough space for you to hang items such as bags with wide handles. There are holes on the hook so you can also hook hangers onto it. You can easily install it without having to use any tools. The hook can be adjusted to your desired height.

Height: Up to 2.4 m
Thickness: Approximately 3 cm to 4 cm
* Please affix the sponge that comes with the product onto the metal fixtures according to the thickness of your door.
* You will need at least 2 mm of space between the door frame and the door, both at the top and bottom.
* This product cannot be used on sliding doors or glass doors.
Weight Limit: Approximately 6kg/(Approximately 2kg per hook)

Suitable for Interior, Office