Hold is a useful holder for dish sponge and other kitchen items neatly.


Clip is useful for keeping kitchen cloths and rubber gloves etc. with one hand.


Platawa for Bottle is a brush for your portable mug bottle. The brush bends flexibly when you put the head into the bottle. It easily fits the bottom and cleans your bottle thoroughly. The uniquely shaped thin bristles are soft yet durable and provide scratch-free cleaning. You can use it for water pitchers as well.

A mug with numbers for the handle. What numbers have special importance for you ?
Designer: Takuya Hoshiko

S Hook is convenient for hanging cleaning and other products in your bathroom.
The flexible head of the hook securely attaches to any rod so you can hang and take off the product smoothly.


Food containers made of diatomaceous earth are effective for storing seasonings or food since diatomaceous earth has a high desiccating effect. There are two type of containers: one type is completely made of diatomaceous earth, which in the other type, only the lid is made of diatemaceous earth and the body is made of glass.


Drying blocks made of diatomaceous earth are put into small containers or bags and use as desiccants.


By mixing charcoal, which is highly effective creating deodorizing characteristics and diatomaceous earth with tis moisture conditioning properties, we created an egg look alike deodorant especially for refrigerators.


Due to the moisture contralling properties of diatomaceous earth, seasoning in a jar or shaker does not stick together in lumps.

2 small aperitif dishes which fit over the neck of a wine bottle. Carry your nibbles, wine and glasses to the table at once.

Decorative seashells made from diatomaceous earth, which is an excellent and natural humidity regulator. Put them in your salt jar and they will look just like seashells half buried in beach sand.


Drying blocks made of diatomaceous earth are put into small containers or bags and use as desiccants.