Drying Object

Manufacturer: Soil

Decorative seashells made from diatomaceous earth, which is an excellent and natural humidity regulator. Put them in your salt jar and they will look just like seashells half buried in beach sand.

Available in three designs: spiral, grooved, and wavy.

Drying object spiral JIS-K297
Size : W70 x D40 x H32 mm
White 4560339422974
Pink 4560339422981
Green 4560339422998

Drying object grooved JIS-K300
Size : W35 x D50 x H25 mm
White 4560339423001
Pink 4560339423018
Green 4560339423025

Drying object wavy JIS-K303
Size : W50 x D45 x H25 mm
White 4560339423032
Pink 4560339423049
Green 4560339423056

Suitable for Kitchen, Gift