Cao Maru

Manufacturer: +d
Do you smile every day? Do you cry? Do you get angry? Are you having fun? Are you busy? Trying really hard? Do you feel that you are getting your message across? Are you communicating your feelings to those arounnd you?
Designer: Makiko Yoshida
item no: D-120 / D-121
size : dim. 6,5 x 6,5 x 5,5 cm
Type&color: D-120-GE Ge! white / D-120-HO Ho! white / D-120-NI Ni! White / D-120-PO Poo! white 
D-121-GE Ge! Brown / D-121-HO Ho! Brown / D-121-NI Ni! Brown / D-121-PO Poo! Brown
Suitable for Office, Gift