Happy Bird - Scraper & Brush

Manufacturer: +d

A scraper head and curved body are perfectly smooth out cream and other such ingredients
A firm, but soft handle allows for the best fit in your hand. Scrapes up every last bit for you, meaning no waste and clean kitchenware.

A brush tail to apply egg washes and sauces with ease
Mixes egg yolks, oils, and lets you apply the perfect amount every time. Perches on its own to be displayed in your kitchen without causing a mess. Just shake off any excess water after washing.

Perches and sways in your kitchen
Unlike conventional scrapers and brushes, there's no need to put this little guy away. Keep this in view for a more enjoyable kitchen. Let it stay perched until you need a little help from your Happy Bird again.

Designed by Noriko Hashida
This is the Kitchen Tool. Inspired by wild bird photography, it will adorably assist you in making meals and sweets. Use its brush tail to lay glazes on the surfaces of cookies and pies, or to baste meat with sauce. Use its head and body as a scraper. It may be small in size, but it is a hard-working little bird.

Happy Bird
Size: Approx. W 120 × D 13 × H 65 mm
Weight: Approx. 40 g
Material: Silicone

Temperature limit / -30℃~180℃

Dishwasher safe.
Package Size: Approx. W 120 × D 13 × H 80 mm
Weight(incl. package): Approx. 40 g

Made in Japan

Black /DA-1280-BK /4580122329556
Orange/DA-1280-OR /4580122329563
White /DA-1280-WH/4580122329570