GEM Bath Mat

Manufacturer: Soil

Made of diatomaceous earth a clay-like material formed from fossilized plant matter that is porous.

Combined with paper pulp to give it bulk, strength and substance.

The material is robust and will serve the user well for many years.

Comfortable with weight to 130 kilos.

The main cleaning agent is P-240 sandpaper.
Use it to remove dirt or revitalize the powers of absorbency.

The mat is a revolutionary alternative to a fabric mat and resistant to bacteria. A best seller in Japan it is tactile, environmentally friendly and represents a step up in your lifestyle.

Item Description    Code  Product Size(mm)
GEM BATHMAT standard    JIS-B370    425×650×9.5
GEM BATHMAT small    JIS-B335    425×285×9.5
GEM BATHMAT medium    JIS-B336 425×425×9.5
GEM BATHMAT large    JIS-B337    880×530×9.5

Suitable for Bath