Pocket - Plastic Bag Holder

Manufacturer: +d

Designer: NIIMI (Takuya Niimi & Yuki Niimi)

I'd go out for a stroll and buy some things, but then have nowhere to put them. Or I'd have some used wrappers to throw away, but there would be no trash cans around. At times like those, I would always think: "If only I had something on me that's light like a plastic bag, but that doesn't take up too much space."

This compact, portable accessory allows you to easily store, carry, and reuse plastic bags and other thin shopping bags. Since it stretches, it can be used for bags of various sizes! Attach the Pocket to your backpack or bag and make the most of all those plastic bags that accumulate throughout the day — you never know when they might come in handy!

Item no: D-1020-BL
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-BR
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-GR
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-GY
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-LG
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-NV
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-OR
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-PK
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-WH
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Item no: D-1020-YL
Size: W43×D27×H50mm

Color: BL:Blue BR:Brown GR:Green GY:Gray LG: Light Green NV:Navy OR:Orange PK:Pink WH:White YL:Yellow

Material: Silicone

Suitable for Interior, Kitchen, Office, Gift