Manufacturer: +d

The large sheep will hold your phone charging cable, and the small sheep is useful for keeping your earphone cord wrapped and tidy. The sheep are made from flexible and lightweight cushioning material for comfortable use. Let these little companions compliment your desktop or mobile device.

Wrap a cord around to add some fluff to your sheep. This nifty cable holder makes the cord look like the sheep's wool. The sheep even "bites" the end of the cord to hold it in place.

item no: D-990-BK
size : Approximately W78 × D15 × H53mm (L)

item no: D-990-PK
size : Approximately W78 × D15 × H53mm (L)

item no: D-990-WH
size : Approximately W78 × D15 × H53mm (L)

Suitable for Interior, Office, Gift