Dripping Balloon

Manufacturer: Marusa

"We've been manufacturing balloons for 60 years. Our balloons are easy to blow up and soft to touch because they are all handcrafted. We wish to delight people over the world with the magical charm of balloons, MARUSA BALLOON is pioneering balloons of future with innovative spirits."

MARUSA BALLOONs, the only handcrafted balloons in Japan.

Do you know what a balloon is made from?

It is from natural rubber which is the sap of a gum tree. The pure white sap is extracted from gum trees grown in bountiful sunlight and blessed rain. In other words, the balloon is made of natural material that can return to the earth. The traditional formula Japan used to have several balloon factories in the old days but they have disappeared one after another due to mass production, the deployment of large machines and overseas cheap labor. Against this backdrop, MARUSA BALLOON is today the one and only factory in Japan in which balloons are still handcrafted. Our balloons, made in the traditional manner, are easy to blow up and nice and soft to touch.

Reference: JSM-DB (medium)

Suitable for Kids, Gift